Diversity Shop

Find clothes or accessories that will adorn you or your surroundings. By purchasing any of these products, you will be accomplishing two good things. The first: you will make your stance clear to others - what it is that you support. Designs of Elīna Brasliņa, Fyodor & Golan's and others stress the beauty of diversity, the importance of human rights as well as inclusivity and equality. The second: you will be directly supporting the strengthening of LGBT community.

By buying any of these artworks you will help bring Riga Pride into existence. You in particular will be one piece of the bigger picture, of the big mosaic whose vibrant colors will shine in Riga. Your support will help us to step closer to ensure the long term support of Latvia's LGBT community, by working towards cultivating a safe space, by organizing educational events, by offering the help of qualified specialists, by seeing to other LGBT community adjacent activities. Shine in colors! Visit Diversity Shop!